The Game-Changing Marketing Move That Outsmarted Competitors' Ads

January 10, 2023

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Business, and especially marketing, is a highly competitive environment. Businesses must always come up with new ways to market their products in order to stand out from their competitors. A good example of a company that has succeeded in this regard is Volkswagen. Volkswagen’s new marketing strategy included preventing customers from seeing adverts for competing items. Volkswagen’s marketing strategy was unique since it entailed paying more to get the first commercial break airtime slot during times when competitors are also advertising. As a result, they ensured that their advertisements were viewed by potential buyers before those of any of their competitors.

   VW also introduced an interactive TV commercial in Australia, where viewers could play a mobile racing game. Even if you’d never played a video game before, you could probably enjoy this one. The concept hinged on making sure that players wouldn’t need to download an app to take part in the action. VW promoted their product during the commercial break by having viewers scan a QR code with their cellphones and then compete against one another (for about three minutes). To be eligible for the GTI giveaway, players had to finish the race and achieve a new qualifying record. Volkswagen’s website was designed as part of its advertising effort, giving people a place to learn about the car, practice for the race, and find out when and where to see advertisements. Banners and hoardings on billboards could be scanned to access this type of QR code. Volkswagen’s advertising strategy did an excellent job of attracting new visitors to its website and engaging them with the brand. Volkswagen’s innovative and captivating TV commercial successfully increased consumer interest in the company and its wares. By acquiring commercial airtime, VW effectively shielded its customers from advertisements for the company’s competitors. VW jumped ahead of the competition and built brand recognition by airing the first commercial of the break. In sum, Volkswagen’s marketing effort did a great job of attracting new customers to the company’s website and sparking interest in the brand as a whole. By producing an interactive and engaging TV ad and buying out ad spaces, VW was able to prevent its competitors from receiving publicity and attracting the interest of viewers. Volkswagen’s marketing team has certainly set the bar high with this campaign, so it will be exciting to see what other creative ideas they come up with to capitalize on their success.

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